Freelance UI/UX Designer based in Serbia mostly designing websites.

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I discovered the world of design by exploring YouTube videos and started playing in Photoshop creating banners, thumbnails, logos (yes, logos in Photoshop). I had no idea that’s actually a real job, so one day in school I saw the poster for Art School near my hometown in Serbia. One of the options was Graphic Design, so I explored a bit about it, and a few months later I was in the Art School, studying Graphic Design.

Meanwhile, I started freelancing as a Logo Designer and met some great people like Marko Ilic and Djordje Vanjek. Marko introduced me to the world of UI/UX Design, and finally, in 2018 Djordje Vanjek started a with a bit different concept than today. There were 5 of us learning from Djordje once a week in Belgrade. Since then, I work as a freelance UI/UX Designer and I had the pleasure to work with great people on great things like SMSLeopard, Remodelmate, FiftySeven, and more.

Besides Design, I’m in love with watches, especially vintage models made by the Patek Phillipe, and cars. Fan of the Porsche and BMW models.

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Lazar Todorović
UI/UX Designer