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UI/UX Design & Mobile
May 2020

Remodelmate is a service for connecting the homeowners that want to renovate their toilet with the Builders that can provide that services.

My tasks were designing the Sign Up and the Dashboard for the builders.

Builders are people who are renovating toilets for the clients, but before starting the work they have to go through the process that would verify their knowledge and experience.

I had the pleasure to work with: Djordje Vanjek designed Homeowners Dashboard and Sign Up, Marko Ilic designed Website, Marko Ivanovic worked on the Branding, and Tereza Cenic did the illustrations.


Sign Up Process

The existing Sign Up Process for the builders was too complicated, so one of the goals was to simplify it.

We decided to get rid of a few things to make the Sign Up process faster and simpler. We removed the Company Brief, website, the question when you're available to start working and how far would you travel for the projects.


Once the user verifies the email, we get to the Company Information.


Builders should deliver the Insurance proof and input the locations where they’re licensed to work.


Before sending the information and getting the final notification, the users will have a chance to check if their information is correct.


Builders Dashboard

Since this part of the project is important and might be used by people who are not super familiar with tech, it had to be super simple. Since each milestone that's finished has to be verified with the photo, the responsive version of the dashboard is also important and should be simple because that action would be done on the phone.

Besides viewing Projects, Requesting the milestone verification, accepting or declining new projects, the Builders can edit their profile, view and download the Invoices, view the notifications, and Contact Concierge.


Editing basic information.


The list of the projects Builder is currently working on, and the new project offers.


Full name of the Homeowner and the exact adress is revealed after the Builder accept the project.


The Milestones are listed as a dropdown. The Builder is able to upload the images for each task to get approved and paid.


Responsive version also works as a simple dropdown list, where the builders would upload the images of the finished milestone.

Thanks for reading.

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Lazar Todorović
UI/UX Designer